SEED Sessions are managed and run by external operators who use Newquay Forest School as a booking platform.


SEED Session bookings are done via our online form. Completion of this form reserves your place on the sessions.

Please ensure that you turn up for the session on time and with the correct kit (this should be emailed to you) and with any additional paperwork filled out and signed where appropriate.


Payment for these sessions is made in a minimum of a 5 week block and should be made in one of the followng ways:

     1. Cash paid at the start of the first session.

2. Cheques drawn on a UK bank account.

     3.     Direct Bank Transfer.

     4.     Payment through PayPal where available.


Late or non payments may result in your place on the session being forefit.


We understand that there may be unforeseen circumstances on behalf of the client which may give rise to the need to cancel a booked session. Where notice is given two weeks or more prior to the session we will look to either make alternative provision or if that is not possible, to offer a full refund.  

     i)     Cancelations made less than two weeks ahead will still require full payment, however clients can offer their space out to a friend by using our SWAPAROO form.


While every effort is made to ensure that your session runs without a hitch, the session operator reserves the right to cancel or alter any of their activities in the interests of the safety of our clients and staff.  We do however, recognise our responsibility to remain true to any agreement we have made and as such the following compensations can be expected:

     i).          For activities canceled for any reason prior to and including the date shown on the booking form - 100% refund of the price shown on the booking form. Wherever possible we will offer alternative dates or activities.

     ii).     Where variations need to be made due to external factors such as weather conditions or factors relating to the individuals attending such as level of ability or to any availability of resources, the SEED Session operator reserves the right to vary the content of the session, which may include provision of alternative activities. Wherever possible the SEED Session operator will endeavour to retain the learning aims and/or activity content inherent in the activities listed on the booking form.


Newquay Forest School is committed to delivering a high quality service and encourages its clients to tell it where there is cause for concern and a case for improvement.

Any complaints should be made initially to the session operator, however we aperciate feedback on any of our advertised activities and certainly should the requirement to make a formal complaint arise, please refer to our complaints procedure (a copy of which is available on our website)


Newquay Forest School will be checking that the apropriate public liability insurace is in place, however a copy of the individual SEED Session operator's insurance documents can be available directly from them on request. If for any reason this is not presented within reasonable time, please contact us at: office@newquayforestschool.co.uk.


Where public car parking is used, please refer to the terms and conditions of use of the location in question.

i) Where Newquay Foest School's site is used, please contact Newquay Forest School with any complaints or concerns.


     i).          All participants are personally responsible for ensuring that they conform to the health regulations required by law, for those under 18 this responsibility lies with their designated parent or guardian. Please notify us at the time of booking if any participant has a medical condition, allergy or disability that may affect their involvement in the designated activity.

     ii).     While we will try to cater for any requirements, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so for those with special needs or serious medical conditions.

     iii).     Allergies - Whilst we endevour to cater for vegetarians and vegans alike, if you suffer from life threatening allergies from substances such as nuts etc. then we advise you to provide meals for yourself and a reduction to the course cost may be made as a conciliatory measure.


     i).          SEED Sessions take place in the outdoors, which by its nature is never completely free from hazard. While all reasonable precautions are and will be taken to minimise these risks, the client accepts that accidents including serious injury and death can occur which is outside of the operator's control.

     ii).     The client also recognises attendance of a SEED Session in no way qualifies him/her to teach the course content. The SEED Session operator and Newquay Forest School therefore accept no responsibility for any mishap occurring to third parties taught by attendees of any session. The SEED Session operator also takes no responsibility for any mishap during a course from any instruction or information not given by themselves or their assistants. The SEED Session operator also takes no responsibility for any mishaps occurring as a result of the clients failure to follow instruction. The SEED Session operator will only accept liability for physical injury to a client that is shown to result from negligence on the part of themselves or their assistants.


The client recognises that the SEED Sessions operator is not responsible for loss or damage to the personal property of the client including vehicles, money, clothing and/or equipment.


     i).          It is the responsibility of the person booking any activity to advise the SEED Session operator on any issues relating to any participants particular disabilities or social or behavioural issues or any other condition which may affect the participants involvement in any of our programs or activities.

     ii).     All SEED Session clients are expected to behave in accordance with the operator's code of conduct and behaviour policy. While we will always endeavour to keep all participants engaged in the program of study or activity in some way,  the SEED Session operator reserves the right to remove any individual from the activity if it is deemed that they are causing a significant risk to themselves, other participants or staff. This will be at the instructor/leader's absolute discretion without recourse to repayment for that course and against the client(s) will if necessary.

     iii).     Circumstances that may warrant exclusion from a course includes (without limitation): intoxication, use of non-prescription drugs, abusive or dangerous behaviour, inability to meet the rigours of the course from physical or mental reasons, or through lack of appropriate equipment.

     4.     If you are in any doubt about your ability to meet the rigours of the activity, please contact your GP before booking. For removal of any party under such conditions, the SEED Sessions operator will not be liable to any losses as a result and the SEED Sessions operator is also entitled to any reasonable costs arising from removal of said client(s) payable upon demand. In addition, parents, guardians or those in a position of similar responsibility are to ensure the behaviour and safe control of any children in their care.


From time to time the SEED Sessions operator may advertise out discounts and special offers on one or more of their sessions.