About the programme

The life track programme is an early intervention project set up by Newquay Forest School, which aims to tackle social exclusion in children aged 5 -16. The programme looks to work with children, their families and schools to help identify key natural strengths in each child. The programme seeks to improve physical and mental well being through quality time spent outside and seeks to empower young people through teaching them core life skills and crafts.

We have seen time and again that simply getting away from their everyday settings, given quality time with experienced mentors and having clear boundaries set can have a profound effect upon children who are suffering from behavioural issues, low esteem or those who stuggle in the classroom.

Newquay Forest School have worked hard to develop a range of programmes which can be run either from one of our woodland or beach sites or from the school grounds. Our programmes are based on the Love and Logic© principles which teach children and adults alike to make powerful and responsible choices and to see that they are in control of their own life and progress.  

The focus of the program is on really getting to know each child and understand the barriers they face with regards to engagement and learning. We will then develop a tailored approach for each child, working closely with the school and parents/carers to see these children grow and flourish. We encourage our learners to make mistakes and learn from them, as well as giving them space to go deeper into subject areas which interest them most and helping them to realise that there is more in them than they think!

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Nurture and Wellbeing Programme

Who is the programme for?

The programme aims to support and develop children and young people who for whatever reason are struggling within their current educational environment, or who have or are at risk of being excluded from education.

Who is the programme run by?

We have a number of different programme leads (both male and female) and a number of volunteer staff where apropriate. A decision will be made following the initial meeting as to who would be the best staff members to work with each child/ young person. All our staff are enhanced DBS checked, reference checked and first aid qualified. Our staff come from all walks of life, most of our leads are Forest School leaders and all have a high level of training and a wealth of experience.

How is the programme monitored?

Each child/ young person is continuously tracked using a combination of ongoing in-house daily assessment which together helps us utilise each individual’s strengths in order to identify a route to re-engagement. We also use an SDQ assessment tool at intervals to monitor progress.

We are aware that everybody is different and that there are a wide variety of factors which can contribute to a person’s wellbeing. We work closely with parents and teachers in order to ensure a united approach in which the child/young person’s wellbeing and development is first and foremost.

Where is the programme run from?

The programme is run from one of our purpose built sites all of which have shelters, toileting facilities, fresh water as well as tools, equipment and resources. Our main site is based on the edge of a 20 acre woodland just south of Newquay Airport. Mobile sessions may be available on request.

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